Monthly Archives: November 2011

(mod) dog house from recycled materials

dog house. is cool. need we say more? Okay, maybe just a little bit more — this week’s find is a one of a kind dog house made from upcycled wood scraps and a road sign. Graypants makes some uber cool lighting out of recycled cardboard too — but this urban pet shelter is too cool. Click here to see the graypants dog house >

little pet confessions

We have to confess – we just love tinyconfessions. Every one of Chris Rozzi’s prints just makes me smile.

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Things we love: Roxiedoggie Pet Bowls

We love these modern raised pet bowls from Roxiedoggie – they’re handmade by a talented furniture designer in Minneapolis, and they’re made with a bent plywood shape that reminds us of the Eames Plywood chairs… Plus, the top dog in our house loves the raised bowl design – less neck strain! Check out Roxiedoggie on Etsy HERE >


A new print – just for the Pitbull Rescues

The Mod-Dogs donate prints to pet rescues all over the country, and we have a special place in our hearts for the powerful breed rescues — pitbulls, amstaffs, rotties, bulldogs — we love ’em. This newest print is for the rescue dogs and the people that love ’em, and all proceeds of the sales will be donated to large breed rescues like: and and others.

See the print in our Etsy Shop >