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go Banana Joe! winners at Westminster 2013

The drama — the pageantry — the dog hair… We’ve been glued to our screens for the last two nights, cheering for the wee toys and the hulking giants, the sleek and the wrinkly, admiring the wild and wacky hairstyles (of both dogs and handlers, ahem) and the big Best in Show Ribbon of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show goes to… Banana Joe! Full name and title:  “GCH Banana Joe V Tani Kazari” a.k.a. “Banana Joe,” an Affenpinscher (find out why they are called the ‘moustached little devil’ here), he really rocked the show floor last night.

Banana Joe, winning Affenpinscher, photo courtesy


The 2013 Reserve Best In Show was awarded to “Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect,” nickname “Swagger” an Old English Sheepdog — hands down a crowd favorite, and dare we say it… an underdog. The Washington Times says: “The showstopper of the night was the winner in the final group of the evening, the Herding Group. To much applause, an old English Sheepdog just 20 months old named “Swagger” lived up to his name with the win. Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect is called a “class” dog, allowed to enter after winning a major competition despite not yet earning his Champion status.  This is like a rookie pitcher throwing a shutout against a Cy Young Award winner – not impossible, but unexpected.”Read on