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find o’ the week: Mootugs!

check out these fun tuggable toys that are made in the USA from upcycled materials, and 25% of each purchase is donated to rescue organizations! If they’re tough enough for a bulldog, they’re pretty darn tough. paws out to Mootugs


trend alert: tribal

Today’s trend alert: tribal patterns are so hot for spring and we’re just loving these hand-beaded dog collars and leashes by The Kenyan Collection. Each collar is hand-crafted by Maasai artisans in Kenya, Africa and while we haven’t had a chance to handle them in person yet, the leathers look sturdy and the craftsmanship looks clean and strong.

Tribal Beaded Collars by the Kenyan Collection


The story of The Kenyan Collection is a beautiful one too, and we love supporting companies with a conscience– check out the entire collar collection on Glamour Mutt and treat your pup to a splash of color and pattern for spring.

p.s. Do you have a hand-beaded collar from the Kenyan Collection? Tell us how you like it!

project: make your own dog shampoo

Photograph courtesy

I couldn’t resist pointing you to this gorgeous post at Fab You Bliss, as the owner of a notoriously smelly dog, I can’t wait to try Stephanie’s recipe for great-smelling gentle dog shampoo >