remembering: pet memorial lockets


Saying goodbye to a pet tears at the heart, and though we keep going, it helps to have a little something to wear and remember our loved one. To help get us through the days, we’ve designed these pet memorial lockets in sterling silver and vintage cut glass, for remembrance and comfort. Customization is always possible, contact me with questions through Etsy and we’ll make a locket just for you.

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gifts for guys: dog silhouette cufflinks are here

Modern Dog Silhouette CufflinksWhat to give the guy who has everything… Cuff links! Our new modern cufflinks are bold and modern, they feature your favorite dog (or cat) breed silhouette, or have a set of cufflinks custom-made with photos of your very own pets ~ the perfect accessory for the dog-obsessed groom, or a thoughtful gift all year ’round.

Check out the Mod-Dog Modern Dog Cufflinks in our Shop >

droolworthy: midcentury modern dog beds by Pup & Kit

These pet beds handcrafted in solid wood, from Pup & Kit in Toronto are just so gorge…


Check out their Etsy Shop HERE>

mod pet gifts for mothers’s day

Who’s ready for some great last minute pet-mom mother’s day gift ideas?


1. Luckydog swag bag by Petswag

2. New puppy card by jdeluce

3. Modern Cat Cave by modernmews

4. Love Thy Beast Pet Tote

5. Mod Schnauzer Necklace in Sterling Silver

6. Double Dining Set by Barketek

7. Found orange collar by Found My Animal

8. Mini Bone Earrings in bronze and silver at b*ny

9. Custom Gilded Silhouette of Your Pet by Prettymod


drool: the art of Juan Perdiguero

I won’t even bother to try and describe how Juan Perdiguero’s work is so starkly revealing to me… just enjoy:


at >

at >

hot scoop: modern fold out dog beds

Dig this! Murphy’s Paw Design presents a gorgeous alternative to the frumpy lumpy pet bed that you try to hide when other humans are around — a murphy bed for your pets. (Why didn’t we think of this before?) One minute its a generously-sized lounge for your pooches, then just fold up the bed and hide it in a sweet mid-cent-mod piece of furniture. Voila! Instant floor space – this would be great for a common traffic area, apartment, or any home.



Shown in Stained Mahogany and Painted Wood. Murphy’s Paw Design is new to the world and coming soon to stores we hope, pop over to their facebook page if you want to get on their list or share some praise!