Monthly Archives: June 2012

pet project: diy suitcase pet bed

Today’s roundup: cute pet beds upcycled from vintage suitcases! If there’s a smallish 4-legger in your life (this project is perfect for cats, actually) follow the links below for instructions and inspiration for making your own travel-inspired sleeping spot.Read on

project: make your own dog shampoo

Photograph courtesy

I couldn’t resist pointing you to this gorgeous post at Fab You Bliss, as the owner of a notoriously smelly dog, I can’t wait to try Stephanie’s recipe for great-smelling gentle dog shampoo >


we love: molly mutt dog duvets

We’re big fans of dog duvets from Molly Mutt — not only do they look great in my house, they’re also a great place to reuse old pillows and blankets – just stuff’em inside or use one of their duvets to spruce up an old dog bed (you know the one – it has chew-holes in it…) Read on